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The Nelson’s Project

The Aiello's Project

The Aiello's wanted to bring the California vibe to their backyard.  We worked with them one on one and was able to design a pool big enough for the whole family and offered the simplicity of being able to maintain their pool from a click of a button.  This pool features a custom 8' sundeck with bubblers for their kids to enjoy.  The deep end bench allows them to be able to hang out on the deep end and enjoy watching the little ones make a splash.

20131 Grove Street

Highland Park

Mrs. Myer's has an existing pool already in her backyard before we started the excavation.  We were able to remove the existing pool and get her permits approved for a new pool after several pool companies told her she couldn't have a pool. 

The Jefferson’s Lake House

The Nalley's 

We partnered with Duke Homes and was able to deliver this custom vinyl liner with a lot of awesome features.  This pool features a waterfall and an awesome S.R. Smith Turbo Twister.  We also always recommend an automatic pool cover every time. 

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